Aerospace Lubrication Technology

With its roots in Aerospace lubrication technology, PurÖl Lubricants consists of a team of dedicated engineers, scientists and enthusiasts with a passion for bringing the very best to the automotive arena. 

Provides the Most For Your Powerplant

PurÖl brand lubricants provide the utmost in protection, cooling, and lubrication for high end, luxury, performance, street, economy and racing power plants.  

Made in the

Made in the USA, with over 95 years of oil blending experience, PurÖl brand lubricants maximize your ride’s performance while safeguarding your engine. 

Designed and Tested

Designed and tested with leading automotive engineering firms and race teams, this technology is now available to you. 

The engineers at PurÖl have developed a premium purpose built break in oil for Engine Builders worldwide that have challenges with breaking in their motors.  

They have also developed a pure 100% synthetic lubricant with next generation additives, specifically designed for the those individuals who desire the very best for their engines.

Exceeds Performance Requirements

PurÖl exceeds API, ACEA and JASO  performance requirements, even under extreme conditions. PurÖl with “Moly-Boost”™  provides protection not found in conventional motor oils for today’s high compression naturally aspirated, turbocharged, super-charged, direct injection, modified injection, and high performance street and racing engines. Also, an excellent choice for classic and restored vehicles.


Manufactured in the USA, PurÖl lubricants can supply PurÖl brand lubricants worldwide, to over 66 different countries.  

Customize For Your Performance Needs

PurÖl lubricants also has the capacity to custom blend oil compounds to specific needs and requirements.