What is PurOl?

PurÖl is a 100% Full-Synthetic Lubricant with “Next-Generation” additives specifically designed for those individuals who desire the very best for their engines. The engineers at PurÖl are gear heads too!  Since we were not satisfied with what was in the market, we created our own for our street and race cars. PurÖl exceeds the standards of API (*American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (*Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’ Automobiles) JASO (*Japanese Automotive Society of Engineers).


PurÖl’s proprietary blend includes a dramatically enhanced anti-wear package for those individuals who want the highest level of protection, for their engine. Also, important, for those seeking to maximize horsepower and torque, while reducing wear, heat and fuel consumption.


How does PurÖl compare to X?

PurÖl Elite Series contains 1730ppm of zinc vs. 800-900ppm on some of the competitors brands out there. This offers significant protection advantages. In addition, PurÖl has superior base stocks originating from Group IV and Group V base stocks. A majority of the competition uses an older, inferior Group III Base stock. The proprietary additive package of PurÖl also provides amazing power, protection, cooling and economy advantages developed for our Aerospace clients.


Does PurOl disappear?

PurOl Elite series is quickly gaining the reputation of having and extremely low evaporative loss: a huge advantage versus older generation synthetics.


Should I use an additive with PurÖl?

No. We strongly recommend against using any oil additive, as do most manufacturers. PurÖl has the perfect chemistry and fine balance of additives. (corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam, anti-wear, detergent / dispersants, and oxygen inhibitors) more is not necessarily better. Using additional additives can disrupt the balance resulting in reduced performance.


Is PurÖl compatible with other oils?

Yes. PurÖl is fully compatible with both mineral or synthetic oils. No special procedure is necessary when switching to PurÖl.


Can I put PurÖl in my brand new car?

Absolutely! However, to allow for proper break-in of the engine. PurÖl recommends waiting until the manufacturer’s first recommended oil change or a minimum of 2,500 miles in new passenger gasoline engines. With race engines, a proper break-in oil, with recommended procedures, are in order.


Does PurÖl contain zinc and phosphorous?

Yes, all of PurÖl engine oils contain the zinc/phosphorous compound ZDDP: zinc diakyldithiophosphate.


Can PurÖl be used with roller, pushrod or flat-tappet cams?

Yes, because of the proprietary blend and ZDDP, PurÖl is suitable, and highly recommended, for roller, push rod, and flat tappet valvetrains.


How many miles can I go between oil changes in my gasoline engine?

PurÖl suggests adhering to manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals for vehicles under warranty. However with PurÖl, drain intervals may be extended to 6-8K: twice of conventional oil changes.


What oil filter does PurÖl recommend?

PurÖl will soon release its own filter system. For now, we are big advocates of using factory oil filters, Bosch and K&N.


Does PurÖl void Manufacturer’s warranty?

No. PurÖl does not void any Manufacturer’s warranty, and PurÖl exceeds all current day API, ACEA and JASO manufacturers’ requirements. Hence, the reason why many top dealerships are carry and sell tons of PurÖl.


Will PurÖl harm my catalytic converter?

No. Independent testing has shown no long or short term effects on mechanically sound engines.


Who can use PurÖl?

PurÖl is Ideal for both factory and modified vehicles. PurÖl brand lubricants provide the utmost in protection, cooling, and lubrication for high end, luxury, performance, street, economy and racing powerplants.


Who does PurÖl cater to?

Individuals who desire the very best for their engines, in street, recreational, restoration, or racing applications; Individuals concerned with longevity of their engines; Individuals whom are aware about the properties of ZDDP; enthusiasts who desire the best in protection; Environmentally and Eco conscious enthusiasts; High Performance advocates.


Does PurÖl have a break-in formula?

PurÖl’s break-in formulation is know as the “Onyx” series, and is now available in SAE 30 and SAE 40 formulations.  It allows for proper break-in on the dyno in 30 minutes or more, and for street break-in, using popular break-in methods.


What are the benefits in Air-Cooled/ High-Performance Engines?

PurÖl elite offers the ultimate anti-wear, thermal and shear stability while reducing engine temperatures: extremely important in air cooled, and high performance racing engines. Its proprietary package conditions seals and prevents leaking from engine seals. An antioxidant additive eliminates harmful free radicals during engine operation while PurÖl dispersants removes contaminates from metal surfaces, keeping them from amalgamating and forming sludge. Very important to engine longevity and efficiency. Zero oil consumption realized even in extended change intervals.


Where can you purchase PurÖl?

PurÖl can be purchased from one of our authorized dealers. More information can be found in our dealer section.