Lubricants perfected.

Today's vehicles deserve the best protection. PurÖl contains clean and pure essential additives to increase your engine's performance and economy, while protecting vital components.

Elite Series

PurÖl’s Elite performance oil is the epitome in lubrication for factory, high performance and modified engines.

Onyx Series

Purpose-built break in oil formulation specifically designed to properly break in your fresh engine.

Made in the USA

Aerospace lubrication technology designed and tested to provide the most for your powerplant.

"PurOl is an unbelievable product that is understated and needs to be recognized as a Horsepower gainer and money saving product."

− Bradley Seavers

"Saturday I competed in the Shift S3ctor 1/3 Mile Roll race event at Willow Springs Raceway where it was just a straight line front straightaway race side by side with other cars. I was able to beat a Audi R8 V10, Supercharged Chevy Chevelle, 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo GT3,
Supercharged BMW E92 M3, and a Modded Twin Turbo BMW 3 series.
Sunday I participated in an open track day with Speed Ventures at Buttonwillow. It was my 2nd time ever running at that track with the BW CW13 configuration. I still managed to have the 6th fastest lap time of the day out of 106 drivers that day! "

− Jesse Iwuji

"PurOl is Awesome, I use it in my Competitive Race Car, I absolutely love it and will not touch another Motor Oil ever!"

− Marcel Dekerpel

"As a premier motorsports facility, we come across all brands of performance and boutique oils. The HP and torque gains seen with the PurÖl Elite series of lubricants exceeded anything we have ever tested. The PurÖl compounds are superb, and now the oil of choice in all of our vehicles, street and race!"

− Bisi Ezerioha

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#Fit for life. Fit for the streets. Fit for economy. Fit fit the best oil in the world. #PurÖl: lubricants perfected.

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Brett B., aka @brettsterb007, shared, “Filling my motor up with some #PurÖl to protect against wear and tear! Remember…your motor will only last as long as the stuff you put in it.” Thanks, Brett, for choosing #PurOl as your premier #engineoil.

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#Mint, and hailed by @iceboxxcustoms as the very best #motoroil in the world. #PurÖl: lubricants perfected.

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Feeling the #needforspeed, with #PurÖl Elite Synthetic #10w40. Lower oil temperatures, cleaner engine, better protection, and more power. #PurOl: lubricants perfected.

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400whp+, boosted #NSX, with #PurÖl lubricating vital engine components. Protect your valvetrain and #vtec assemblies with zinc fortified #PurOl elite synthetic motor oils.

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Turbochargers need the ultimate in protection and cooling too.#PurÖl: lubricants perfected.

Add PurÖl to your powerplant.